A beautiful and compassionate gift, when flowers are not enough

Bereavement Resource

Whether you are on a grief walk of your own or want to understand how to support someone else who is grieving…


The Yearning Tree gently explores the different stages of grief to help loved ones through the bereavement process. Even pet owners who have lost a beloved companion can benefit from the heartfelt story of two dogs, Maggie and Skittles, on their grief walk together.  

Benefits for Adults and Children

  • Children: Parents, teachers, and counselors can use this simple story and the accompanying developmentally appropriate questions as a platform to promote discussion with a child about the grieving process, either after a death has occurred or in preparation for the loss of a loved one or pet.
  • Adults: Sort denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and all the nuances of grief in between.
  • Groups: Facilitate healing discussion, provide education, and help anyone who is ever part of a grief walk themselves or is supporting someone else who is grieving.

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  • Dual perspective: From both the grieving person’s perspective as well as the person who is trying to help them.
  • A supportive gift of compassion and understanding when cards or flowers are not enough. 


I loved the book…It is beautifully done. You can never know what a child is holding inside. I am sure your book will be helpful to many children and parents. 

Robyn Shelala

Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro, NC


I had been given The Yearning Tree in my work with hospice to use with families. However, when we experienced the loss of our beloved dog, Jessie, I read it with my children. It was so helpful and relatable for them. It normalized any range of emotions they may have been feeling and the pictures are beautiful! Unfortunately, my children's great-grandmother died a few months later. I feel that having already read this book for our previous loss helped them apply these concepts to the loss of their great-grandmother. It is such a valuable resource and I think using animals to tell the story of grief can make this tough topic very accessible for both children and adults regardless of the loss. Thanks for this valuable gift!

Kim Hedge, LCSW

Grief Counselor


This book is not just an amazing resource tool, but also a deeply touching story of love, companionship, understanding, hope, and renewal. The photographs are artistic, breathing, and capture the essence of a moment of time. When the spoken word is not enough, this book will bridge the gap.

Theresa Bane, Author


I got my book today and have already read it. I of course cried because it brought all those feelings that I felt when I found out that my Papa had died. I thank you so much for writing this book. I think it will be a wonderful tool for parents and teachers to use to help children.

Kristina Kimble Delp


The Yearning Tree Story

The Yearning Tree is the inspirational story of Maggie and Skittles, two happy-go-lucky dogs whose lives are suddenly changed when Maggie’s friend Sammy dies and is buried by the old tree on the hill. Join these two friends on an adventure from the farm where the story begins, through the mountains, down by the sea, and home to the farm again, as they explore the different stages of grief from two different perspectives: Maggie is sorrowful and mourns her loss daily at the old tree, while Skittles is at her wit’s end about how to help Maggie through the grief—until it is discovered that listening and love are the answers.

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Softcover, 40 pp

25 color photographs

A portion of the proceeds goes toward printing additional books to donate to charitable organizations such as Hospice and more.