Workshops - Managing Grief

The presentations outlined below can be adapted to meet the needs of any organization or age of audience, with an emphasis on audience participation.


A *2-hour presentation includes reading of The Yearning Tree with the photographs projected onto a screen for easy visibility.

For adults


  • Concrete tools for coping and adapting after loss
  • The beginning, ie, normalcy, wholeness, life before grief and how it changes us afterward
  • The various phases of grief and moving through them in one piece: denial, anger, depression, yearning, anticipatory, blame, guilt, and more
  • The healing of time; becoming someone new (our own rebirth after death)
  • Withdrawal, distraction, “strange and new behaviors” that beg the question: Am I normal?
  • Seeking help but not finding the answers; well-meaning others
  • Looking for understanding; faith and the afterlife
  • Dual perspective, those who are grieving and those trying to support the bereaved. “I am grieving but no one understands what I need” vs. “My friend is grieving and I’m lost on how to help them!”
  • Free discussion time allotted; audience is invited to share personal stories or points and ask questions


For children


Discussion period after story reading, using the 10 developmentally appropriate questions in the back of the book to encourage children to talk about the grieving process and, in effect, promote a dialogue about their own feelings regarding loss.



Sample questions:


  • Throughout the story, Skittles refers to the “Yearning Tree.” Why do you think she calls the tree by that name? What do you yearn or wish for?
  • What does Wise Cat mean when he says Maggie is not sad for Sammy [her deceased friend], she is sad for herself? When have you been sad for yourself and missing a loved one?
  • The story passes through the seasons and back to summer again. Was the passing of time helpful to Maggie? How can the passing of time heal our hurt feelings?


*Presentations may run longer or shorter than 2 hours, depending on level of audience participation in discussions.

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